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American Flat Track

American Flat Track (AFT) is the premier professional dirt-track racing series in America. Comprised of mile, ½ mile, short-track and TT races, many of the competitors and winners in the series choose to race in Arai helmets—the very same helmets available to consumers.


This is America’s premier road racing series that regularly sees competitors approach 200 miles-per-hour on paved race courses all across the country. Many of the top competitors in the four different championship classes compete in Arai helmets, the same helmets available to all riders.


American Supercross and Motocross racers are know as some of the best racers in the world. Supercross takes place primarily in stadiums across the country while motocross races are held outdoors on a mix of natural and man-made courses. The Arai helmets worn by our racers are the same available to any rider.


This world championship series takes place all over the world, and is followed by hundreds of millions of fans. MotoGP machines often top 200 mph, and safety is paramount. It’s no wonder top riders choose to wear Arai helmets.

Nascar/IndyCar Series

Arai has a complete line of helmets specifically designed to meet the demands of various types of automobile racing, from Formula One to NASCAR Monster Cup, Xfinity and Truck series, to American Rally, World of Outlaws, IndyCar, IMSA, and even vintage racing.

World SuperBike

World Superbike is the pinnacle of Superbike racing, a world championship that takes places in countries all over the world. Many races in the Superbike and Supersport classes choose Arai, as does six-time world champion Jonathan Rea.