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Offering three distinct configurations, allowing the user to choose which works best for their riding needs, the new XD4 is similar in appearance to the previous XD3, but greatly improved in all-around performance. The combination of the new comfort headliner, with microfitting 5mm peel-away temple pads, and our patent-pending FCS® cheek pad design, also with 5mm peel away layers, add a new dimension to the concept of helmet fit and customization. It takes a unique sense of commitment to continually strive to improve your product – especially when it’s already regarded as the very best.

Sizes: XS-XXL

WARNING: Fluorescent and/or bright finishes used in certain Arai helmets are not covered by warranty and may fade with the passage of time and exposure to the elements.

XD4 styles

XD4 White - Front


MSRP: $609.95

XD4 Aluminum Silver - Front

Aluminum Silver

MSRP: $619.95

XD4 Black Frost - Front

Black Frost

MSRP: $619.95

XD4 Black - Front


MSRP: $609.95

XD4 Fluorescent Yellow - Front

Fluorescent Yellow

MSRP: $629.95

XD4 Flare Blue - Front

Flare Blue

MSRP: $739.95

XD4 Flare Sand Frost - Front

Flare Sand Frost

MSRP: $739.95

XD4 Flare Red - Front

Flare Red

MSRP: $739.95

XD4 Flare Orange - Front

Flare Orange

MSRP: $739.95

XD4 Vision Red Frost - Front

Vision Red Frost

MSRP: $739.95

XD4 Vision White Frost - Front

Vision White Frost

MSRP: $739.95

XD4 Vision Orange Frost - Front

Vision Orange Frost

MSRP: $739.95

XD4 Vision Black Frost - Front

Vision Black Frost

MSRP: $739.95

XD4 Catch Red - Front

Catch Red

MSRP: $739.95

XD4 Catch Yellow - Front

Catch Yellow

MSRP: $739.95

XD4 Africa Twin 2018 - Front

Africa Twin

MSRP: $769.95