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For those who demand style, but refuse to compromise for it. Although much more aggressive as compared to its siblings, the new Defiant contains all the internal attributes that set every Arai apart from the crowd. Starting with our R75 shell shape, the Defiant also features our exclusive FCS cheek pad system, a multi-density one-piece EPS liner, micro-fitting interior padding, pull down spoiler and a Dry-Cool liner material.


WARNING: Fluorescent and/or bright finishes fade over time and expsoure to sunlight. This is normal and is not covered by warranty.

Defiant styles

Defiant Black Frost - Front

Black Frost

MSRP: $639.95

Defiant Base Orange Frost - Front

Base Orange Frost

MSRP: $759.95

Defiant Base White Frost - Front

Base White Frost

MSRP: $759.95

Defiant Jolly Roger-2 Frost - Front

Jolly Roger-2 Frost

MSRP: $769.95