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You value independence. You’re self-defining. What you believe in is Yours, and Yours alone. For riders looking to establish their own identity. The Defiant-X is Your self-defining helmet.

Sizes: XS-XXL

WARNING: Fluorescent and/or bright finishes fade over time and expsoure to sunlight. This is normal and is not covered by warranty.

Defiant-X styles

DX Black Frost Front

Black Frost

MSRP: $679.95

DX Gloss Black Front


MSRP: $659.95

DX White Front


MSRP: $659.95

DX Gun Met - Front

Gun Metallic Frost

MSRP: $679.95

DX Modern Grey - Front

Modern Gray

MSRP: $679.95

DX Outline Red - Front

Outline Red

MSRP: $809.95

DX Outline Black - Front

Outline Black

MSRP: $809.95

DX Diablo Red - Front

Diablo Red Frost

MSRP: $809.95

DX Diablo Yellow - Front

Diablo Yellow Frost

MSRP: $809.95

DX Carr Silver - Front

Carr Silver

MSRP: $819.95

DX Carr Orange - Front

Carr Orange Frost

MSRP: $819.95

DX - Dragon Front


MSRP: $809.95