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Improving on the revolutionary XC-Ram, the CT-Z enhances the riding experience by offering the flexibility of a peak/shield combination. The CT-Z presents a major improvement: nothing short of redefining how open-face helmets can look – and protect. The most telling feature is the extended coverage in the lower jaw-cheek pad area – extending 1 3/16” forward compared to the previous model – and traditional open-face ¾ helmets. The CT-Z provides options that allow the helmet to better suit each rider’s unique requirements. But our primary objective is to build a better helmet. That means providing a measure of lower-jaw protection that’s been missing from previous open-face helmets that leave that part of the face exposed.

Sizes: XS-XXXL

WARNING: Fluorescent and/or bright finishes used in certain Arai helmets are not covered by warranty and may fade with the passage of time and exposure to the elements.

CT-Z styles

CT-Z Diamond White - Front

Diamond White

MSRP: $619.95

CT-Z Aluminum Silver - Front

Aluminum Silver

MSRP: $619.95

CT-Z Black Frost - Front

Black Frost

MSRP: $619.95

CT-Z Diamond Black - Front

Diamond Black

MSRP: $619.95