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Perhaps the most fabled name in the entire Arai lineup, the Corsair has long been renowned as one of the most advanced, highest quality helmets available anywhere in the world. It represents the culmination of our vast experience in helmet design and unwavering focus on rider protection. And with features like the ingenious VAS shield mechanism, dramatically improved air flow and ventilation and an antimicrobial Eco-Pure liner, the Corsair-X has certainly earned its place as our flagship model.

Sizes: XS - XXL*

*Not all designs are available in 2XL sizes..

Notice: Fluorescent and/or bright finishes fade over time and exposure to sunlight. This is normal and is not covered by warranty.

Corsair-X styles

2016 Corsair-X White - Front


MSRP: $849.95

2016 Corsair-X Aluminum Silver - Front

Aluminum Silver

MSRP: $849.95

2016 Corsair-X Black - Front


MSRP: $849.95

2016 Corsair-X Black Frost - Front

Black Frost

MSRP: $849.95

2016 Corsair-X Nicky-6 - Front


MSRP: $979.95

2016 Corsair-X KR-1 Yellow - Front

KR-1 Yellow

MSRP: $979.95

2016 Corsair-X KR-1 Red - Front

KR-1 Red

MSRP: $979.95

Corsair-X Doohan Star-2 - Front

Doohan Star-2

MSRP: $979.95

Corsair-X Rea-4 Front


MSRP: $979.95

HRC Front


MSRP: $1,019.95

Schwantz 93 - Front

Schwantz '93

MSRP: $979.95

Pedrosa Samurai - Front

Pedrosa Samurai

MSRP: $979.95

CX Ghost Red - Front

Ghost Red

MSRP: $979.95

CX Ghost Green Frost - Front

Ghost Green Frost

MSRP: $979.95

CX Ghost Blue - Front

Ghost Blue

MSRP: $979.95

Viñales-2 - Front


MSRP: $979.95

CX Planet Red Front

Planet Red

MSRP: $979.95

CX Planet Blue Front

Planet Blue

MSRP: $979.95

CX Planet Black Frost Front

Planet Black Frost

MSRP: $979.95

CX Doohan TT Front

Doohan TT

MSRP: $979.95

CX Nakano - Front


MSRP: $979.95

CX Nicky-7 Front


MSRP: $979.95

CX Scope White - Front

Scope White

MSRP: $979.95

CX Scope Black - Front

Scope Black Frost

MSRP: $979.95

CX IOM 2018 LE - Front

IOM 2018

MSRP: $1,059.95

CX Spencer 40 Red - Front

Spencer 40th Red

MSRP: $979.95

CX Spencer 40 Silver - Front

Spencer 40th Silver

MSRP: $979.95

CX Mamola Edge White - Front

Mamola Edge White

MSRP: $979.95

CX Mamola Edge Red - Front

Mamola Edge Red

MSRP: $979.95

CX CB Black - Front

CB Black

MSRP: $1,019.95

CX CB Red - Front

CB Red

MSRP: $1,019.95

CX CB Grey Frost - Front

CB Grey Frost

MSRP: $1,019.95

CX Vinales-3 - Front


MSRP: $979.95

CX Nakagami-2 - Front


MSRP: $979.95