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Perhaps the ultimate demonstration of a company's faith in its product is how strongly it is willing to warranty it.

For nine years, Arai was the only helmet company we know of that offered a warranty longer than one year. Arai's was, and is, a full 5-year warranty.

But even a helmet as good as an Arai won't last forever.

Like most major helmet manufacturers, Arai subscribes to the Snell Memorial Foundation benchmark of five years as the suggested usable lifespan of a motorcycle helmet. Why? Think of a helmet in terms of your body. No matter how good it may look, or how well you take care of it, age still takes its toll. Even with minimal use, a helmet is affected by things like the acids and oils in sweat, haircare products, pollution, exposure to UV rays, etc. At about the five-year mark, helmet interiors begin to show wear and/or deterioration, which should serve as an alert to its overall condition. The helmet's fit may begin to feel a little "loose", not as snug as it once did. This unseen aging and deterioration of the EPS liner and fiberglass shell can affect the helmet's ability to perform in an impact as it was originally designed. If a helmet suffers an impact and any doubt exists as to its further ability to protect, it should either be returned to the manufacturer for competent inspection or discarded and replaced.

These are the reasons to replace your helmet after five years. Of course, if your helmet becomes less than snug in fit, or damaged, it should be replaced before the five year mark. And when you do, you may want to remember that Arai was the first company willing to warranty its helmets for the full Snell-recommended usable lifespan.

All Arai helmets are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship, and are serviceable only for the properly fitted* first user for 5 years from date of first use, but no more than 7 years from date of manufacture. It should be replaced within 5 years of first use.

*As neither Arai or the consumer can be assured that helmets sold by mail order, phone or internet are properly fitted and delivered in original, as new condition, Arai cannot and does not extend its warranty to helmets purchased through these channels.

The Warranty and date information can be found on your chinstrap (one of the chinstraps is shown in the photo above). The date-of-manufacture (month / year) is on the opposite strap, for example 08/01, 04/02, 10/02, etc.

Warranty Policy and Procedures
Arai helmets are warranted as serviceable only for the properly fitted first user, for 5 years of use, but no more than 7 years from date of manufacture, for materials and workmanship. It should be replaced within 5 years of first use. Significant paint fading within the first year of use will be covered by the warranty, but fading claims submitted after 12 months from date of purchase will be handled on a pro-rated basis, based on the 60 months of the 5 year warranty period. Should it be determined that the helmet is to be replaced under the prorated warranty, the purchase price will be divided by the 60 month warranty period and all months, including the first 12, will be counted as serviceable and deducted from the replacement value of the new helmet.

Arai reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to repair or replace any Arai helmet or Arai helmet part found to be defective in either material and/or workmanship within the warranty period.

Filling out and returning the warranty card, immediately following the purchase, will assist in recording the purchase date, should warranty service be needed. Without a warranty card on file, a copy of the original dated purchase receipt would be required to determine the purchase date. Registration of a warranty card may also assist in the tracking of a stolen helmet that might be returned for repair.

All warranty claims must be submitted, directly to the retailer from whom the helmet and/or part was purchased, immediately following the discovery of a possible warranty problem. Any delay may effect or void the warranty.

Any attempt to repair a problem, by anyone, without the prior approval and/or guidance from Arai, no matter how well intentioned, will void the warranty.

Arai may authorize the service and/or replacement of small parts by the selling dealer or supplying distributor, requiring the return of the helmet and/or part to the selling retailer.

All warranty claims, requiring the return of a helmet and/or part to Arai, must be assigned a Return Goods Authorization Number before being returned or replaced.

Upon receipt and inspection of a reported problem, Arai will either repair or replace the Arai Helmet or Arai part and return the item(s) to the address indicated at the top of the form, unless otherwise instructed.

Should an Arai helmet be required to be replaced under warranty, every effort will be made to replace the exact model, design and color combination. However, should an exact replacement not be available in a timely fashion, an alternate choice of equal or greater value will be offered to the consumer and supplied if so authorized.

All warranty returns must be shipped prepaid to Arai. Arai shall return via prepaid UPS ground, unless otherwise instructed and agreed upon by Arai in writing, for which any additional shipping charges will be the responsibility of the consumer.

Examples of problems not covered by this warranty include, but are not limited to:

Impact damage from a crash, in which the helmet was either cosmetically or structurally damaged, rendering the helmet unusable for future use. Such damage is expected in an impact.
Paint chipping or plastic damage/cracking due to impacts from road debris or impact with the ground or solid object while being worn, carried or transported.
Cosmetic finish or interior lining damage or discoloration as a result of exposure and/or contact with chemical substances.
Damage or wear of the interior liner as the result of normal use and/or abuse.
Damage as the result of modification and/or installation of non Arai accessories or parts.
Improper fit is not covered under warranty. It is the responsibility of the wearer to obtain a proper fit at the time of purchase and any fit problem must be addressed to the selling retailer within 3 business days of the purchase, but must be returned in "as new" condition with all parts and accessories provided with the helmet.
Custom paint and any accessories are not covered under warranty. Should a helmet be replaced under warranty, no allowances will be made for any such added expenses.


Serial letters/numbers required
for warranty registration.

Located on back of helmet shell.

Important information about helmet construction and cleaning.

The warranty and date information can be found on your chinstrap or on the sewn in label tag on some models