The Vector is the newest Arai street helmet. Replacing the Astral-X, it takes off where the Astral left off and brings one more dimension to the Arai line: a helmet created specifically as a less-is-more design for the rider who doesn't want or need all the bells and whistles. But who still demands the Arai name — and everything it stands for - on the front.

Form always follows function at Arai. An Arai helmet has to look good, but most importantly it has to work. Our people feel good knowing they're making something good f a rider. Flash for the sake of flash is rejected here.

The feeling of an Arai comes from the experience of decades. From the hands, talent, and passion of Arai craftsmen. The results are organic shell shapes, wind-slicing aerodynamics, a lower center of gravity, incredible balance, light weight. And comfort and fit like no other. We do not just build "helmets." We build Arai helmets. We build comfort and protection to the best of our ability for people who ride motorcycles.