• The SK-5 is the result of Arai's pursuit of a comprehensive package, one providing comfort and function in an attractive package while masking the hidden energy-management system within.

  • The new SK-5 model is based largely on Arai's open wheel auto racing helmets worn by top drivers in the Formula-1, CART, IRL and NASCAR. Utilizing the same shell mould and shield as the GP-5, the SK-5 gives the look most desired by Karting racers while incorporating specific features which function more effectively under Kart racing conditions.

  • Nylon liner: Not only is the liner material lighter, it also breathes better, absorbs more sweat and allows the ventilation system to function more effectively at Karting speeds. The nylon material also washes much more easily to allow the helmet to stay fresher, longer.

  • Removable, washable and replaceable cheek pads allow more frequent and thorough cleaning and/or replacement for a more personalized fit for those with a narrower are broader facial structure than anticipated with the stock pad dimensions.

  • 4-Point Upper Ventilation System: Large, closeable twin intake scoops force more cooling air directly into the interior crown of the liner, which flows directly over the top of the head and exhausts out through the double-Delta2 bridged exhaust vent (which is also closeable). This forced intake and Venturi vacuum exhaust system creates increased airflow, drawing out more heat and humidity the is created when racing hard.

  • Constructed of Arai's exclusive CLC (Complex Laminate Construction) shell technology, which provides superior impact energy management properties, utilizing proprietary cutting edge fiberglass materials and construction techniques, while maintaining low weight without the used of trendy materials which may not be properly suited for us in helmet applications.

  • Combined with its legendary comfort and fit, Arai concentrates on balance and a lower center of gravity.