When you realize it's time to retire a helmet as legendary as the Arai Signet, you better make very, very sure you have something extraordinary to replace it. It was time to retire the Signet. "Extraordinary" was waiting in the wings. It's called the Profile.

The Profile's unique look isn't for cosmetics. It has a distinct purpose rooted in the Arai company's philosophy and 50-year "obsession" with change for the sake of improvement, not vanity. For example, the Profile's distinctive Hyper-Ridge reinforcement band along the bottom of the outer shell is for reinforcement and added shell strength, including the area around the lower rear exhaust vents. The overall helmet shape represents Arai's newest "organic" shaping concept: narrower, sleeker, more aerodynamic instead of round and bulbous. Its purpose is "to fit the rider's head shape better, to feel more 'calm' in the wind, even when the rider turns his or her head while riding. For all of our science and pursuit of 'perfect protection', Arai's mission is to make riders more comfortable and happy when they're riding. To make them forget they are even wearing a helmet."

The Profile also represents a new level of technological innovation for Arai, which is quite a statement for a company already legendary for its decades of innovation. An exceptionally-advanced (and rare) 5-Point Laser Scanner takes the Profile's handmade and hand-shaped shell (Arai believes that human hands and brains can still do a better job than a computer at creating the best helmet shapes for human heads) and then has the laser copy of the shell design. The result is an extremely high level of detail and the tightest tolerances in Arai's history.