• Incorporates Arai's exclusive, premium Sclc2 (Super Complex Laminate Construction) shell technology. Because of this proprietary aerospace fiberglass composite, the GP5 offers the benefit of improved impact-energy management properties, as well as low helmet weight without the use of trendy lightweight materials which may not be properly suited for use in helmet applications.

  • PED: Performance Enhancing Devices are include as a kit in the helmet box, giving the driver a choice of installing after painting or immediately if the helmet will not be painted.

  • Upper-ventilation system incorporates three intake air ducts in the front and two delta exhaust outlets in the rear for improved airflow performance. Depending on the application, the installation of the rear PED component can dramatically enhance ventilation performance.

  • Lower-ventilation systems feature two large air-intake clots in the chin bar area. Located just under the shield, they flow air to the muti-dimensional air passages that direct air towards the face and mouth at multiple angles for improved fresh air distribution. Again, depending on the application, the installation for the front PED component can dramatically enhance ventilation performance.

  • Arai's GP series also utilizes a proprietary flame-retardant interior material knows as Carbon Knit. It's softer for better comfort and also offers excellent performance in the event of a fire.

  • The shape and size of the GP-5 (PED) face shield both compliments the shell design and saves weight in process.