GP-Jet 2


  • New Type "e" shell

  • Updated and improved shell shape and construction

  • Lower shell molding details to add strength

  • Cheek pads are removable and can be replaced with optional pads of various thickness for a more custom fit.

  • Jet2 has a new adjustable "Hyper-T" peak with easily removable / replaceable light tint anti-glare lens.

  • The same care and attention to detail that Arai puts into every helmet they make can be found in the details of the GP-Jet openface series. Benefits from years of research and refinement result in a helmet that more closely matches the shape of the human head.Such a close fit allows for the smallest possible helmet to be worn while remaining comfortable. Oftentimes, a poor fitting helmet results in the use of a helmet that is a full size too large when the wearer tries to avoid painful pressure points.

  • Combined with incredible fit and comfort, Arai concentrates on balance and center of gravity even in an openface helmet. All too often, people concentrate more on the weight of a helmet instead of how that weight is distributed over the entire helmet, the amount of the helmet's weight that is carried low and most importantly, the way that weight is transferred to your head. A properly fitted helmet will distribute its weight more evenly over and around your head, making the helmet seem lighter than it is. A helmet that is more evenly balanced and carries more of its weight down low will also appear to be light and cause less fatigue.

  • The GP-Jet/2 represents the result of Arai's pursuit of a comprehensive package, providing comfort and funtion in an attractive package while masking the energy management system within.