• The new Arai GP-5k helmet is largely based on its big brother, the GP-5, while offering a more affordable alternative for drivers not wanting all the features of the more expensive GP-5. The Arai GP-5k is heavily favored by sedan or rally drivers, who do not require all the upper ventilation found on the GP-5 while at the same time appreciate the slightly larger eye port opening (Approximately 10mm - 5mm up and 5mm down).

  • Constructed of Arai's exclusive clc (Complex Laminate Construction) shell technology, which is less costly and slightly heavier than our lightest Sclc material, allowing for a lower retail cost, while still providing the same level of impact energy management.

  • The interior remains very similar to the previous GP-4 series, with the addition of approximately 5mm more room in the facial area and slightly more forehead room. Arai's GP series' utilize a proprietary flame-retardant interior material known as Lastan™

  • The chin bar area has been modified to incorporate 2 air intake slots, which have been moved up just under the shield. The now solid chin bar has some subtle details in the mold and has been extended down slightly, giving the appearance of a much more robust piece.

  • The Arai GP-5K helmet shield is slightly different in shape and size as compared to the previous GP-4 design, with weight reduction in mind. The Arai GP-5K helmet shield mounting hardware is also different from the GP-4.

  • Upper ventilation is comprised of a single intake and single exhaust duct.

  • The interior fit is typical Arai, benefiting from years of research and refinement, resulting in a helmet that more closely matches the shape of the human head. Such a close fit allows for the smallest possible helmet to be worn, while still being comfortable. Often times a poor fitting helmet results in the use of a helmet that is a full size too large in an effort to avoid painful pressure points.

  • Combined with incredible fit and comfort, Arai concentrates on balance and center of gravity. All too often, people concentrate more on the weight of a helmet instead of how that weight is distributed over the entire helmet, how much of the weight is carried down low and most importantly how that weight is transferred to your head.

  • A properly fitted helmet will distribute the weight of the helmet more evenly over and around your head, making the helmet seem lighter than it actually is.

  • A helmet that is more evenly balanced and carries more of its weight down low will also appear to be lighter and cause less fatigue.

  • The Arai GP-5K helmet is another representation of Arai's pursuit of a comprehensive package, providing comfort, function in an attractive package, masking the hidden energy management system within, with some affordability kept in mind. Because after all, the thing to remember is that a helmet is worn to take the abuse in the event of an impact and if necessary be destroyed in that process.