What Arai Sponsored Schools have to Offer

I have ridden and raced in Arai helmets since 1982, and we used Arai at the Freddie Spencer High Performance Riding School from 1997 to 2008. In those years, we converted so many students to Arai because we had every size available for rent and we never failed to successfully fit a student. When we launched the Yamaha Champion's School, we only approached Arai.


The reoccurring theme we have seen is two-fold: the first is fit, how well the Arai’s fit and how comfortable they stay throughout a two- or three-day school. The second is the vision, especially past the eyebrow of the helmet. We will have a student arrive at the school with another helmet and have problems with vision while tucked in or hung off. We will grab an Arai and snap, problem over. The student never fails to make a note of the brand and model, telling us he's on the way to get one.


Additional positive comments center around the lightness of the helmets and the venting. When we can get a student in an Arai back-to-back with whatever helmet they have, case closed in favor of Arai.


Nick Ienatsch

Lead Instructor

Yamaha Champions School