Arai and Miller Motorsports Park Team up!


(Allentown, PA May14, 2010) Arai and Miller Motorsports Park have teamed up to offer a great oppurtinty for anyone wishing to purchase tickets for the upcoming World SuperBike Race the weekend of May 29th through May 31st.  The Arai ticket package conists of: A Saturday Ticket to include the Concert with Styx, Foreigner, and Kansas, A Sunday ticket, and the Monday Race Day ticket, also with this package you get a $40 Gift Card for Miller Motorsports Park, and a $20 SBK T-shirt!  All for the low price of $185.00!

All you have to do it click this link!

So come out and join us and Cheer on your favorite World SuperBike or SuperSport rider and make sure you stop by and see Bruce Porter underneath the Arai tent as he works on the many Arai riders helmet's!