Thank You Guys for Making an Awesome Product

Hello, my name is Eddie. I work at Janssen Motorsports and I am a Pro-Am ATV Racer in the WPSA series and have always been a firm believer in the quality of Arai helmets. I have included my Arai helmet in this package to show you how well your helmet held up to a potentially life threatening experience for me.

While practicing out on our test track I was involved in a crash and from what I can recall the quad flipped over me and ran my head over with the chain and sprocket. I was then stuck in the chain and sprocket. After this incident in 2005 I retired the helmet and since then we have displayed it in our showroom at Janssen Motorsports as a selling tool for your helmets. We all run Arai helmets now and we love them. I thought that maybe you could use it to show people how well it works and how it saved my face and potentially my life.

I just want to thank you guys for making an awesome product.


Eddie D.
Kaukauna, WI