Thank You For Saving My Life!

On March 29, 2008 I was commuting to work in my KTM SuperDuke wearing an Arai Profile helmet. A car pulled out of a private driveway. In spite of my best effort to avoid the car, I struck the car with sufficient force to break the front wheel. I was taken to University Medical Center as a Code Red level 3 trauma and underwent immediate surgery. My Arai helmet absorbed the terrific force to my head with the only injury being a scalp laceration to the back of my head. The EMT who removed my helmet, after my cervical spine was cleared, stated he could see the imprint of the interior helmet material on my face. There were no facial fractures. I originally purchased Arai helmets because of your reputation for safety, comfort and style. I will continue to purchase Arai helmets in the future as I now have personal experience with your commitment to the lives of motorcyclists who wear your helmets. To paraphrase your ad copy and with a prayer that no motorcyclist will find out, "until you crash one, you will never know". A thousand thank yous are not enough.

Steve G.
Tucson, AZ