Letter from Arai Helmet Americas, Inc.

Some months ago a problem with our ordering system was discovered, which forced us to shut the system down.
During the course of trouble shooting the problem, it was decided that it was best to build a new system that was designed to both collect and process orders within a single program.
While it has taken a bit longer than we had hoped, we are very close to launching this new program, which we believe will make ordering parts for your Arai helmet much faster and easier, as well eliminate a lot of the guess work and ordering errors we have experienced in the past.
We appreciate your patience so far and ask that you hang on just a little while longer.  I promise the new system will be worth the wait.

If you would like to be notified by e-mail when the system is back on line, please provide your e-mail in the form below.

Best regards,

Brian M. Weston
Director of Operations