Another Satisfied Customer Weighs In

November 24, 2007

Dear Customer Service:

A few months back my wife and I purchased (2) of the Quantum-2 Graphic Motorcycle Helmets (Quantum2 Hacking Blue/Silver)-Attached.

These replaced the S____ helmets that we owned previously.

The Fit and Performance of the ARAI Quantum-2 Hacking Blue/Silver Helmets far surpasses that of the S____ helmet. As with most things, it may be a matter of preference from one motorcyclist to another, but in my opinion when someone issues an opinion it means that much more IF that person has had experience with more than one brand name. That is why when speaking Praises of the ARAI Quantum-2 Hacking Blue/Silver Helmet we feel that it particularly means something special!

Thanks for the Quality and feature that you have included in this model. It is truly appreciated. It is no wonder that J.D. Power and Associates has ranked Arai Helmets Number One in customer satisfaction for seven-to be eight years consecutively. I wish that I could get a survey in the mail from J.D. Power and Associates. We want to be counted!

Thanks again and take Care!


Edward & Clara M.