The Most Damaged Helmet We've Ever Seen

A 140 MPH Get-Off & Taking Out a Signpost With His Head!

The Most Damaged Helmets We've Ever SeenDear Arai Helmets:

I want to express my gratitude for the fine product you make and the way one of your helmets served me in an accident.

I was riding westbound on 1-20 near Weatherford, TX at what eyewitnesses later said was about 140mph on my CBR600RR when the accident happened. I don't remember the accident or, in fact, most of that day. However, I know I took out a street sign with my Arai helmeted head and also took out a guard rail which indicates the force of the impact.

Most of my ribs on the left side were broken as was my sternum. My lungs were bruised. My leg was broken in eight places and my back was broken. There was no injury to my head or brain thanks to my Arai helmet. I was a paramedic for six years and attended too many crashed motorcyclists and had seen first hand the difference a quality helmet can make in the after accident outcome. That is why I bought the Arai just two weeks before my accident.

The responding trooper had taken the helmet to use in safety lectures. When I asked my mother to get the helmet for me she contacted him. He was amazed that I had survived and returned the helmet so that I could use it in my own lectures on safety. My body was so damaged that the hospital gave me only a ten percent chance of recovering. But I did and my head and brain are just fine and I've returned to full time work. I've sent a series of photos of the helmet so that you can see how good a job it did for me.

Thanks again Arai, Gary B. / Fort Worth TX