Care & Cleaning

Use no cleaning products, no matter how mild you may think it is or it claims to be, on your Arai helmet.  The only truly harmless method we have found to clean an Arai helmet is to use only warm water with a micro-fiber cloth. 

For stubborn insect debris, a microfiber cloth soaked in warm water can be placed over the area, allowing the warm water to soften the harder to clean areas.

If stubborn debris, grease or oil cannot be removed with water alone, spot clean with a micro-fiber cloth with a small amount of denatured alcohol.

If you wish to protect the gloss finish, all natural carnauba wax applied with a micro-fiber cloth is recommended.

If you must use a cleaning product or polish, spray the cloth or rag and if using an aerosol spray let the fumes dissipate for a minute before cleaning the helmet.  Never spray the helmet directly, as excess cleaner can get under vents or behind parts and soak there for an extended period of time.  As a result, some plastic parts may become brittle and break prematurely or the tape holding on air vents can lose adhesion allowing the vents to fall off.

*DO NOT use any wax or polish on any of the Arai Frost (matte) finishes.