Pursuit of Quality

We are the only helmet company we know of with a single quality standard that is the same for every model we make. Arai comfort, fit, finish, quality and safety are not compromised to fit a cheaper pre-determined retail price, to please shareholders, or to squeeze under the barest minimum of safety standards. Instead, we build ARAI helmets. We build them by hand to our standard, towards the ideal of what "could" happen instead of simply to what's "likely" to happen. As a result of this effort a typical Arai helmet easily meets the world's major motorcycle-helmet safety standards - with little or no modification.

We build Arai helmets to maximize the comfort and protection of you, the rider. Our company was founded by a motorcyclist almost six decades ago, and so we have approached the care of riders with a singular obsession for quality and innovation since the beginning.

Simply said, Arai's primary goal is not to be the world's biggest helmet company, but the world's best. That is more important to us than chasing sales volume.

History of Innovation